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What to Eat Enamel Pin

What to Eat Enamel Pin

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Spin the wheel to decide your fate...or at least, what to eat today. 😂

There are so many good foods out there that sometimes it's hard to decide what to go with. I know I am not the only one with this problem, but I have this pin to help me out. Korean? Chinese? Thai? Leftovers? Or just ask Mom? Just flick the spinner and let fate tell you what to eat!

An interactive enamel pin to add flair to your collar, jacket, or bag. Perfect for collecting, displaying, or gifting to a friend!

The pin is made with hard enamel and polished gold-colored metal plating. It has two posts on the back for extra security, and come with rubber clutch backings.

Pro tip:
Spin at 90 Degree for the best spinning effect

• Interactive: Spin the wheel to decide on what to eat!
• 2" Hard enamel pin
• 2 Posts with rubber clutches

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